The Register-Guard provides an alternative source to texts and connects my students to the world around them. When there are current events in the part of the world we are studying, we read articles for background information and discuss what the article can teach us about the culture there.
Kate Klein
Humanities & World Cultures, Grades 6-8
Fern Ridge Middle School

The News in Education program is top notch. I use newspapers for more than just current events. The Register-Guard is valuable in teaching math, writing, science, social studies, health and, of course, reading.
Vince Carroll
Fifth Grade Teacher
Spring Creek Elementary, Eugene

My world history class has been examining the ways that various themes in history have evolved over time. We use the RG as an ongoing current events text book for this unit, comparing today's news with the past.
Jesse Lawton
Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher, Grades 9,10
Sheldon High School

Our class creates and publishes the school newspaper. Every week, students are assigned to read at least on article from The Register-Guard and write a summary of it. I want them to be consistently exposed to what real newspaper articles look like while also improving their reading and writing skills.
Amanda Ormsbee
6th grade Language Arts and Social Studies
Hamlin Middle School, Springfield

Throughout the year I’ve had the journalism class do various exercises to get to know the parts of a newspaper, the different types of articles, and the styles and guidelines for writing those types of stories. They are reading the newspaper to learn how to write news. And to enjoy it, of course.
Jessica Johnson
Willamette Leadership Academy

Having The Register-Guard available to my students gives them access to current world and local events. It also allows me to provide examples that relate to the materials we are covering in class. It is a valuable resource!
Brian Brancato
U.S. History and Geography Teacher, grades 9 & 11
Sheldon High School, Eugene

Often we begin class by reading a newspaper article and delivering an oral summary of it. I also direct students toward articles that connect the novels we’re studying to current events. It brings history and thematic discussions to life when they can see their academic studies playing out in the real world.
Michael Roderick
8th grade Language Arts, Students Radio (KRVM), and Drama Teacher
Spencer Butte Middle School, Eugene

When we study the US Constitution, students find daily articles related to law and our political system and identify which 'rights' are being highlighted. The RG is an invaluable tool for my students to make a connection between their classroom lessons and the larger world.
Andy Traisman
Humanities/Language Arts Teacher, Grades 7-8
The Village School, Eugene

In Social Studies, students use the newspaper to examine current events in other countries and regions they have studied, always looking for connections to the past, as well as relevance to their lives here today. The political cartoons are an especially engaging way for students to explore the issues around our local, state and national elections.
Darlene Rhoden
Seventh Grade Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher
Prairie Mountain School, Bethel School District

I use The Register-Guard primarily as a tool for modeling what 'good' writing looks like and as mentor texts for paragraph structure, word choice, voice and grammar. Our read curriculum focuses a lot on nonfiction and newspapers are a perfect way to integrate nonfiction reading and writing.
Erin Moss
Teacher, 4th grade
Irving Elementary, Bethel School District

The students in my classroom vary greatly in their educational needs. The ads help them learn the important life skills of purchasing, costs, and budgets. We also use the newspaper for reading class to work on fluency and comprehension. It gives them a connection to the local community.
Jenny Tompkins
Life Skills Teacher, Grades 9-12
North Eugene High School

The Register-Guard provides meaningful curriculum options to apply reading and thinking skills to more complex nonfiction writing, while also engaging students and educating them about the area they live in. When I bring out the newspapers for my students they are instantly involved. Almost every time we open the papers we find an article that relates to something we have studied.
Brandy Edwards
Fifth Grade Teacher
Douglas Gardens Elementary School, Springfield