About NIE

What is “News in Education?”

News in Education (NIE) helps teachers and students use the news as a learning tool. The Register-Guard provides news and lesson plans for all grade levels on many topics at no cost to educators.

Why use it?

The program provides current events and daily information that may be outdated in textbooks.

  • According to research conducted by New York University, students who used newspapers as a classroom resource scored higher in social studies, language arts and mathematics than their matched counterparts who relied only on textbooks.
  • Critical-thinking skills- the ability to analyze, evaluate and apply information- is dramatically improved when students use newspapers to enhance their classroom lessons.
  • Students who follow the news become informed on the issues of the day and discuss them with their peers and parents.

Why are donations needed?

Your donation helps cover a portion of the cost of providing The Register-Guard in print and online to participating teachers and classrooms free of charge. It also funds the purchase of new curriculum guides and lesson plans and it ensures the delivery of the most up-to-date learning tools available to help local students succeed in school.


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